About Us

Glo was created for women by women.

Glo Fitness Studio is dedicated to helping women achieve their health and fitness goals while improving the mind and body.

We as women often don't prioritize our own health and fitness. 

Family, kids, work and many other hurdles often come before our personal goals.


That is why when you choose Glo you get more than just a place to workout...

At Glo we focus on the complete mind and body. 

With our specialized small group classes, we can focus on achieving our client's individual goals and needs while also providing a great workout in a fun, safe, and stress free environment.

This type of training can be customized and beneficial to all Women with varying levels of time, experience, ability, strength and endurance. 

We also have multiple levels of Yoga classes for our clients. 

We believe Proper rest and Recovery is essential for optimal body and mind health. 

Yoga rejuvenates the mind and body while relieving fatigue and stress.

Nutrition can be confusing and overwhelming but is also very important to overall health and welness.

We offer simple and easy to follow nutrition guidance and plans.

Glo Fitness Studio is dedicated to providing you with total mind and body health.

It's time to make your health and wellness a priority. 

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